Obsidian wines are the true embodiment of their place of origin. Every exquisite glass of Obsidian speaks of this unique terroir, encapsulating not only the character of the weathered soils at Onetangi, home to Obsidian’s vineyard on Waiheke Island, but the coastal beauty of the surrounding environment.

Obsidian vineyard, with 9 hectares of vines, nestles in the coastal hills of the Onetangi Valley. Here, small batches of grapes are grown on four discrete hillsides set out in an amphitheater-like fashion.

Obsidian’s soils are predominantly clay, rich in iron and manganese oxides with an overlay of ancient weathered rock. Wind and soil create a low vigour growing environment, where grape vines produce small but concentrated yields of ripe fruit with intense flavours.

We strive to grow consistently ripe, concentrated, flavourful grapes and craft them into superb wines for enjoyment now and for cellaring. Our talented winemaker, Mike Wood, combines modern winemaking technology with traditional old world craftsmanship.

The Obsidian name comes from a semi-precious stone used by the early Maori living on Waiheke Island. Obsidian Reserve wines are the iconic label in the range. The wines are made using only the finest hand-picked grapes and are intended for long term cellaring. The non-reserve wines (previously known as Weeping Sands) are made for earlier drinking and include the innovative varieties of  Tempranillo and Montepulciano.

Obsidian was the first on Waiheke Island to plant both of these Mediterranean varieties, which grow exceptionally well.

Obsidian possesses a host of awards including:

4 Trophies
5 Cuisine Magazine Recommendations
7 Gold Medal
9 Silver Medal
31 Five Star Reviews
Michael Cooper – Potential Classic Status for the Obsidian Bordeaux-style Blend & Montepulciano

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