What's Happening: Spring 2019 Vineyard Update

What's Happening:  Spring 2019 Vineyard Update

It’s been several months since the mania of harvest. We’ve had the first two releases from our spectacular 2019 vintage: our Edbrooke Pinot Gris and our Tempranillo dominant Rose. The rest of our wines are tucked away safely in barrel, some of which will be awaiting release later this year. Mike is often in the barrel hall keeping an ever-watchful eye. Regular barrel tastings are a must at this stage, ensuring the wines are right where he wants them to be. The 2019 reds are densely fruited, with a firm bold structure - a style that hasn’t been achieved on Waiheke for the past several vintages. Our volumes have doubled from the lean 2018 vintage and with fruit quality the highest it’s ever been, we’ll have an abundance of premium wine coming to our wine club members as pre-release soon, and the Cellar Door after that.

Winter pruning is finally a thing of the past and bud burst is well underway. It’s an exciting time of the year, seeing the first signs of life after the winter dormancy period. Spring is truly in the air. Over the coming months, we’ll begin to see canopy development, which will lead to the all-important period of flowering and fruit set. Before long the vineyard will once again be a bustle of activity as our team work tirelessly to provide us with the best fruit Waiheke Island has to offer.